Updates from MakerCraft Studio - June 17

Dear Friends and Supporters,

You haven't heard much from us, because what we've been doing isn't very exciting -- but it's crucial work!

The most visible accomplishment was Rob getting our new columns placed on the rebuilt front porch! With our friend Toni's help, the columns and the front door got a first coat of paint. Patti started scraping around the windows on the front of the building.

The primary activity over the past two weeks has been insulation installation! All four of us have been working almost daily to install rock wall insulation in the ceiling. Last week, we finished the ceiling in the area of the first floor bedrooms. Today, we finished the high main ceiling, so we only have the lower ceiling in the main area to complete. Then, we can install drywall, paint, and install new flooring.

Rob also spent some time this weekend removing the old steam pipes that run from the basement to the now-removed second-floor radiators.

Don't forget that we are now booking retreats and classes! We've been asked for photos of the space, but as you can see from our construction photos, we don't have any finished spaces to show you yet. However, we expect progress to happen quickly once we pass the insulation inspection.

If you're interested in booking a retreat, you can read about the space here: https://makercraftstudio.com/the-space/ and search availability on this page: https://makercraftstudio.com/booking/ We will be open beginning July 25th!

You can see our classes (and register for them) on this page: https://makercraftstudio.com/classes Note that the number of spaces in each class is limited, so if you are interested, we advise signing up early!

If you want to take more than one class on the weekend of Aug 23-25, consider spending the night! We are offering the chance to save yourself time driving back and forth from home; just spend the night. You can continue working on the class project after class ends (or another project of your choice) and you'll be ready for class the next day. Details on the Classes page of our website.

We know that some of our supporters are not local or may not be interested in taking classes, so we are going to create a new mailing list for class updates. We'll send you a list of upcoming classes once a month.

To sign up on that list, please use this form: https://makercraft-studio.ck.page/92f47afc9e

Thank you again for all your support!

~Patti, Cass, Rob, and Joe

6 South Main St, Mont Alto, PA 17237
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