Updates from MakerCraft Studio - May 25

Program News

We are excited to announce that we are taking reservations for retreats! You can learn more on our website: http://www.makercraftstudio.com You can join us on one of our retreats or book your own event. We plan to be open by the end of July! Note: The online booking system only allows bookings for the next 6 months. To book further out than 180 days, contact us.

We also have availability for retreats at Nora’s in Denver, PA, in May 2025 and in Lancaster, PA, in September 2024. Visit the links to learn more!

We are trying to get a group together for a weekday-only retreat at Nora's in Denver, PA, the week of August 19-24, 2024. Email us if you're interested in that retreat.

The International Quilters' Guild will be doing the Gravity pattern from Jaybird Quilts as a Block of the Month in 2025. We will be hosting a monthly in-person sewing day at MakerCraft (days and times to be decide among those participating). You must order the kit by August 1, 2024. Visit the IQG to learn more and sign up.

Latest Construction News

The upstairs living room is finished except for replacement of the ceiling fan and installation of crown molding and carpeting.

Joe painted the rest of the upstairs kitchen cabinets.

We finished painting the trim in the black and white (with accent of bright pink) room upstairs. and cleaned and patched the walls, so they are ready to be painted.

The electricians finished the work downstairs and we are ready for our next inspection. We finished painting the kitchen downstairs and we are ready for flooring to be installed.

Rob has completed more framing downstairs, and we are starting to repair the walls on the first floor in preparation for painting.

Work on installation of the new HVAC system continues.

We bought a second fridge (for the downstairs kitchen) and hired the Dapper Scrappers to move it to our storage unit and also to help us get rid of a bunch more junk, including 1 ton of old radiators! We still need one more dishwasher, and then we'll have all the kitchen appliances.

Finally, we held Patti's 60th birthday party at the space last weekend. The theme, of course, was construction :). But, as these photos show, it's a great space for a party! Contact us if you want to hold an event there.

If you'd like to help, check out our "wish list" on our website (www.makercraftstudio.com) -- it's constantly being updated. If you'd like to donate money (either as an outright donation or as prepayment for a future class or retreat stay), you can mail us a check (payable to MakerCraft Studio) to the address at the bottom of this email, or we accept PayPal at info@makercraftstudio.com.

Thank you again for all the support you've shown us!

~Patti, Cass, Rob, and Joe

6 South Main St, Mont Alto, PA 17237
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Dear Friends and Supporters, We are excited to let you know that we passed our insulation inspection and drywall has begun! We don't have a lot of photos to share this time because the only visible change has been installation of drywall. Rob, Joe, and Patti first started by installing vapor barrier and then drywall went up. This week, they are taping and mudding the drywall. The addition of drywall has made a huge difference in the feel of the space -- it's getting real! Among the "hidden"...

Dear Friends and Supporters, You haven't heard much from us, because what we've been doing isn't very exciting -- but it's crucial work! The most visible accomplishment was Rob getting our new columns placed on the rebuilt front porch! With our friend Toni's help, the columns and the front door got a first coat of paint. Patti started scraping around the windows on the front of the building. The primary activity over the past two weeks has been insulation installation! All four of us have...

Dear Supporter, This past week, we passed an electrical and framing inspection for the first floor. Yay! So, that means it was time for insulation installation. Yesterday, Patti, Cass, Gail, and Toni (yay, girl-power!) spent the day installing insulation in the walls on the first floor rooms. We still have to do the ceiling on the first floor, but we made good progress! This week, we'll be working on laying the floor in the downstairs kitchen and electrical work will move upstairs. Classes!...